InfraRed - easy-to-use plugin-based CLI for Ansible based projects

ansible cli openstack, ansible, infrared, infrared-plugin
pip install infrared==3.0.2


What is InfraRed?

InfraRed is a plugin based system that aims to provide an easy-to-use CLI for Ansible based projects. It aims to leverage the power of Ansible in managing / deploying systems, while providing an alternative, fully customized, CLI experience that can be used by anyone, without prior Ansible knowledge.

The project originated from Red Hat OpenStack infrastructure team that looked for a solution to provide an "easier" method for installing OpenStack from CLI but has since grown and can be used for any Ansible based projects.

Want to take it for a spin? check out our docs at the bottom under the Official Documentation.

How to contribute?

To contribute please follow:

Official Documentation

For more information Please read our Documentation