InSight Mars Mission Raw Photo API Wrapper

pip install insight-api==0.2


NASA InSight Mars Raw Image API

PyPI version

Python library to access the raw images and metadata from the InSight Mars mission

Images are from


InSightAPI(order="desc", per_page="100", af="idc")
  • per_page = 25 / 50 / 100
  • af (camera) = idc / icc
    • idc = Instrument Deployment Camera
    • icc = Instrument Context Camera


from insightmars import InSightAPI, utils
InSightMission = InSightAPI()

# Make initial request
json_request = InSightMission.make_request()

# Get image count
all_images = InSightMission.get_count(json_request)

# Get x number of image urls (order backwards, from newest to oldest)
images = InSightMission.get_images(json_request, x)

# Get image metadata:
metadata = InSightMission.get_metadata(json_request, image_id)

# Get x number of images + meatadata (order backwards, from newest to oldest)
metadata = InSightMission.get_images_metadata(json_request, x)

# Get all images available:
images = InSightMission.get_all(json_request)

# Download images:
utils.download_image(images, "images/", "sequential")

# Get specific sol
get_sol(data, sol)

# Get sols
get_sols(data, start_sol, end_sol)