SEO tool for adding links to text contained in Django apps databases.

pip install internal_links==



SEO tool for adding links to text contained in Django apps databases.

Renamed old package:


Install with pip:

pip install internal_links


You need to specify where and what to look for in your Django app's settings in this manner:

INTERNAL_LINKS_SETTINGS = [{'app': 'your_app_name',
                            'model_name': 'your_model_name',
                            'fields': ['list', 'of', 'fields', 'in', 'which', 'script', 'should', 'search'],
                            'words': ['list', 'of', 'words', 'to', 'search'],
                            'url': 'url_that_should_be_wrapped_around_found_text',
                            'target': False, # optional, setting it to e.g. '_blank' will add target="_blank" tag to link
                            'ocurrence': 1}] # optional, set max occurrences of word you want to wrap, wraps all by default

Setting 'fields' to empty list will cause script to look up for fields in model (TextField and CharField). You'll have to manually accept each found field.

Starting script with option --start will actually apply changes to database, instead of printing them out.

You can run the script either using add_links management command or call link_adder function from module.


No output if there are no occurrences of words or when they're already wrapped.

Without --start option, script will only print out proposed changes.

Changelog - 21.08.2014

  • [fix] unicode handling fixes - 21.08.2014

  • [new] some tests
  • [new] set max occurrences to replace
  • [update] refactoring

0.1.6 - 14.08.2014

  • [new] fields lookup if none given

0.1.5 - 14.08.2014

  • [new] custom target as an option in settings - 14.08.2014

  • [new] package renamed from permalink_adder
  • [update] improved readability - 12.08.2014

  • [new] dry_run as a command option - 8.08.2014

  • [fix] further description fixes - 8.08.2014

  • [fix] setup fix in order to display description

0.1.4 - 8.08.2014

  • [new] introduced readability to output

0.1.3 - 8.08.2014

  • [fix] bugfix for empty word string case, refactored

0.1.2 - 8.08.2014

  • [fix] fix

0.1.1 - 8.08.2014

  • [new] updated with command

0.1 - 8.08.2014

  • Initial release