A package for calculating electrolyte properties.

pip install ionize==1.2.0



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ionize is a Python package for calculating the properties of ions and electrolytes. Originally designed with electrophoresis in mind, these calculations can help any time the pH or electrical properties of an aqueous solution impact system performance.

The goal of ionize is to make full simulations of electrolyte properties easy, ubiquitous, and accurate. The ionize models consider the impact of pH, ionic strength, temperature, and the interactions between different ions. Considering all of these impacts makes ionize accurate over the widest available range of operating conditions. In addition, ionize includes warnings when experimental conditions are outside the range of model assumptions.


One-line install using pip:

pip install ionize

Alternatively, if you're installing from source:

  • Clone the repository, and cd into the ionize directory.
  • Install the dependencies with pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Install ionize using python3 setup.py install


Want to use ionize? Read the tutorial.


Want to see some examples of ionize in action? Take a look at the examples.