IPython based debugging and exploring tool

ipython embedded excepthook debugger
pip install ipydex==0.10.5



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"IPython based debugging and exploring"

The module contains two main parts:


  • a jupyter-notebook-extension (%loadext ipydex.displaytools)
  • introduces magic comments (like ##:, ##:T, ##:S) which cause that either the return value or the right hand side of an assignment of a line is displayed (T means additional transposition and S means only .shape attribute is displayed)
  • display intermediate results (→ more readable notebooks), whithout introducing addional print or display statements
  • Example invocation: x = np.random.rand() ##:
    • inserts the line display("x := {}".format(x)) to the source code of the cell (before its execution)
  • see documentation-notebook

Security advice: Because, the extension manipulates the source code before its execution it might cause unwanted and strange behavior. Thus, this program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warrenty.

useful functions

The following functions are meant to be used in ordinary python-scripts:

  • IPS()
    • start an embedded IPython shell in the calling scope
    • useful to explore what objects are available and what are their abilities
    • some additional features compared to IPython.embed()
  • ST()
    • start the IPython debugger
  • activate_ips_on_exception()
    • activate an embedded IPython shell in the scope where an exception occurred
    • useful to investigated what happend
  • dirsearch(name, obj)
    • search the keys of a dict or the attributes of an object
    • useful to explore semi known modules, classes and data-structures


This package is not yet well tested and would deserve some refactoring. Nevertheless it might be useful.