IPython Extension for Cosmos SQL integration

pip install ipython-cosmos==0.1.5



IPython Extension for Cosmos SQL

Install the extension:

!pip install  ipython-cosmos-extension

Load the extension:

This extension assumes cosmosdb endpoint credentials are set as environment variables accessible by COSMOS_ENDPOINT and COSMOS_KEY.

%load_ext cosmos_sql

Set Database name

%database <your_database_name>

Set Container name

%container <your_container_name>

Execute Cosmos SQL Statements

select * from user

or you can specify different database or collection

%%sql --database testdb --container testcol2
SELECT top 1 r.id, r._ts from r order by r._ts desc

To get the result from the command use _ variable.

Auto conversion of result to data frame

Disabling auto conversion of result to dataframe:


Enabling auto conversion of result to dataframe:



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