Logo Mindstorms NXT Routines

pip install jaraco.nxt==2.2.0


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LEGO Mindstorms NXT Bluetooth API in Python


jaraco.nxt implements the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Bluetooth API in Python.

The jaraco.nxt library also can take advantage of the jaraco input package. To include it as part of the install, use the command pip install jaraco.nxt[input].

Getting Started

jaraco.nxt provides a message class for sending and receiving messages with the Lego NXT device. First pair the device with your PC by following the instructions included with the device. Then, determine the COM port to which it is connected. The hello world example is to retrieve the battery voltage. Browse the other examples for more inspiration.

For more information, read the docstrings of the modules in the packages.

Modules of interest are

  • jaraco.nxt.messages: implements the messages defined by the NXT Bluetooth protocol.
  • jaraco.nxt.controller: demonstrates how to link input from a joystick to messages controlling the motors. Uses jaraco.input.