Reuse invoke tasks in your Jarbas projects and containers.

pip install jarbas-tasks==0.1.0


Jarbas tasks

This is a very small module defines a mechanism to inject invoke tasks to Jarbas enabled projects. The jarbas-tasks cli is designed to be used as an entry point of a docker container and is used as such in most Jarbas based images. By default, it accepts the following sub-commands:

Start a bash shell:

$ jarbas-tasks bash # starts a bash shell $ jarbas-tasks run # run the default "run" task (a bash shell, by default) $ jarbas-tasks tasks # list all tasks

(jarbas-tasks can also be replaced by python3 -m jarbas_tasks)

If the CWD has a tasks.py, the jarbas-tasks works basically as a replacement for the "inv" command which adds a default implementation for the "bash", "run" and "tasks" commands.

Run a task defined in tasks.py:

$ jarbas-tasks some-task

Creating a task package

By default, jarbas-tasks inject only the "run" and "bash" tasks to the list of available tasks. Users can create task packages that can inject arbitrary default tasks to the jarbas-tasks command.

In order to do so, create a Python package that expose the following entry point:


..., entry_points={

'jarbas-tasks': [
'mytask1 = mytask:task1', # Maps command name to task object 'mytask2 = mytask:task2',




The handler should be a regular invoke task declared anywhere in the module.