Compare version strings

pip install jatto-compare-version-strings==0.0.1


Ormuco and VanHack Code Challenge

The Question The goal of this question is to write a software library that accepts 2 version string as input and returns whether one is greater than, equal, or less than the other. As an example: “1.2” is greater than “1.1”. Please provide all test cases you could think of.

My Solution

Get Started:

  • Clone this repository:
$ git@github.com:jattoabdul/compare_version_strings.git
  • Change into the compare_version_strings directory:
$ cd compare_version_strings
  • Install all dependencies:
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Test:

$ pytest

Run as Packaged Library:

  • Install:
$ pip install jatto_compare_version_strings
  • Usage:
from compare_version_strings.compare_version_strings import compare_versions, prepare_comparison_result

comparison_result = compare_versions('', '')

# It will return:
#     A positive number: If the first version is greater than the second  
#     A negative number: If the first version is smaller than the second
#     Zero: If the versions are equals

formated_result = prepare_comparison_result('', '')

# It will return:
#     '{version1}' is equal to '{version2}': If the comparison returns 0
#     '{version1}' is smaller than '{version2}': If the comparison returns -1
#     '{version1}' is greater than '{version2}': If the comparison returns 1