Package with utility functions on many different subjects

pip install jklib==3.0.0




My personal python library containing my frequently used code snippets I've accumulated over the years

The snippets are split into folders/categories:

  • db: Database and object storage management
  • django: Web development around Django and Django Rest Framework
  • dtsci: Data-science, mostly revolving around Numpy and Pandas
  • std: Utility functions often unrelated to 3rd party packages, usually built around the standard library
  • web: Web scrapping and web browsing, mostly around requests, selenium, and the likes

Pre-commit hooks

The project uses pre-commit hooks to keep a consistent file structure

As such, if you want to make some changes while using the pre-commit hooks:

  • Install the necessary libraries: pip install pydocstyle isort black flake8
  • Use them (through your IDE) to automatically format/check your files
  • Install pre-commit: pip install pre-commit
  • Setup pre-commit by running pre-commit install