Questionnaire application that populates Jinja2 templates with given answers.

cli, flask, jinja2-templating-engine, python
pip install jobbergate==1.4.3


Jobbergate Documentation Status

Jobbergate is a questionnaire application that populates Jinja2 templates with given answers.

In its simplest form you only need a that defines mainflow and a template file (called templates/job_template.j2) which gets populated with your answers. To support advanced workflows you could define multiple levels of questions, change to other templates, run functions before and after subworkflows, have follow up questions to boolean questions and so on.

To install, just do:

pip install jobbergate

Configure jobbergate.yaml to point to your directory where you have all applications. Set JOBBERGATE_PATH environment to point to where your jobbergate.yaml resides.

Jobbergate is a Flask application but could be run both as a web application and as a cli application.

To run as web application, just do:

flask run

To run as cli application, you can find out which applications it has in its configuration directory with:

flask --help

If you have an application called simple you run it with:

flask simple

This will populate the simple application template with the answers you give in the following interactive session, and create

If you want the output file to be run in bash automatically, you may explicitly give the command in your implemented application. For example, if you define a function in your application's such as:

def post_generic(data):
    retval = {"cmd_command":f"cat {data['filename']}"}
    return retval

the application will run:


which shows the content of the output file.