Job scheduling and tracking library

pip install jobcontrol


Job Control

Job scheduling and tracking library.

Provides a base interface for scheduling, running, tracking and retrieving results for "jobs".

Each job definition is simply any Python callable, along with arguments to be passed to it.

The tracking include storing: - the function return value - any exception raised - log messages produced during task execution - optionally a "progress", if the task supports it

The status storage is completely decoupled from the main application.

The project "core" currently includes two storage implementations:

  • MemoryStorage -- keeps all data in memory, useful for development / testing.
  • PostgreSQLStorage -- keeps all data in a PostgreSQL database, meant for production use.

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Jobs are simple definitions of tasks to be executed, in terms of a Python function, with arguments and keywords.

They also allow defining dependencies (and seamingless passing of return values from dependencies as call arguments), cleanup functions, and other nice stuff.

The library itself is responsible of keeping track of job execution ("build") status: start/end times, return value, whether it raised an exception, all the log messages produced during execution, the progress report of the execution, ...

It also features a web UI (and web APIs are planned) to have an overview of the builds status / launch new builds / ...