A simple utility for writing notes without remembering where you put them.

notes, git, markdown
pip install jot-notes==0.1.1


Jot 📝

Version Requires

Jot is a CLI utility that lets you write notes with out having to worry about where they're stored. By default, all notes are stored in a git repo at ~/.jot in markdown and automatically pushed to a git repo.


$ sudo pip install jot-notes


$ # Edit today's note, ie: ~/.jot/
$ jot
$ # edit a note in a category with a specific name, ie: ~/.jot/foo/
$ jot -c foo -n bar
$ # disable git integration

Configuring Jot

Most of Jot's configuration can be done on the CLI & with environment variables. Here are the relevant environment variables:

  • EDITOR - what text editor to use, defaults to nano
  • JOT_DIR - where to store jot's notes, defaults to ~/.jot
  • JOT_EXT - file extension to use for notes, defaults to .md
  • JOT_NO_GIT - disable jot's git integration
  • JOT_NO_GIT_PUSH - disable automatic git push
  • JOT_TEMPLATE - Default jot contents as a python str.format() style string. default: '# {name}\n\n'