Quick and easy editting of JSON files.

CLI, json, config
pip install jsonconfigparser==0.1.2


#JSONConfigParser A JSON config editor built on top of jsonpath-rw..


Simple as pip install --user jsonconfigparser

##Use Right now there is an example of building a CLI utility in the examples directory.

It can also be used programmatically as well by importing the JSONConfigParser class and the commands modules.

###CLI App

This is built with argparse. Using it is as simple as:

jsonconf path/to/conf.json view -p $

That command will view the entire JSON file. Other actions include:

command description
addfile Concatenates a second JSON file onto the current. Warning: This will overwrite any shared keys. jsonconf conf.json addfile -o path/to/other.json
addfield Adds a key and value to a specified JSONPath jsonconf conf.json addfield -p $.name -v jsonconfigparser
append Appends a value to the specified JSONPath. Optionally, converts the field to another type. Optionally, apply to every found endpoint. jsonconf conf.json append -p $.things.[0] -v "Star bellied sneeches" jsonconf conf.json append -p $.products.hats -v "23.44" -t float jsonconf conf.json append -p $.products.[*].descript -v "A thing" -m
delete Deletes an item from the specific JSONPath. jsonconf conf.json delete $.products.hats
edit Reset the value at the endpoint of the JSONPath jsonconf conf.json edit -p $.products.hats.descript -v "A really cool hat."
shell Drop into the interactive prompt. jsonconf conf.json shell


flags description
-p/--path The path flag the only acceptable value is a JSONPath string
-o/--other The other file flag, used with addfile to concatenate files together
-v/--value The value flag, used with any action that requires a value
-m/--multi The multi boolean flag. Currently only used with append action. Defaults to false, if True append will add the value to every path found
-c/--convert The conversion flag. Currently only used with append. Defaults to False. If passed, a value must be provided of int, float, list, dict, bool,str or some combination of them

###Interactive Shell Prompt

This is built with readlines. To enter it, simply run jsonconf path/to/conf.json shell

Executing commands is exactly the same as on the command line, except the shell can't be reinstantiated inside itself.

To exit, two consecutive keyboard interrupts are needed. If a command is run between them, then the exit flag is reset.

There is also an extra method available in the shell write which saves the current state of the file.

##Todo: There are several things that I want to do, small and big:

  • Apply the multiflag where needed.
  • Clean up the whole package up and turn what I can into classes/objects.
  • Ability to write to a different file for CLI and Shell.