Simple tool to pull basic reporting data out of JustServe (https://www.justserve.org/).

pip install jsreport==0.2.5


JustServe Reports

A simple tool to pull basic reporting data out of JustServe (https://www.justserve.org/).


JustServe is a wonderful resource to bring volunteers and service organizations together. For those that are responsible for training and awareness, however, the reporting tools are...lacking. How is one to measure whether more projects are being added to the site? This script aims to help answer that question.

What It Does

The jsreport module contains code that uses Selenium to interact with the JustServe website to retrieve data, typically for reporting purposes.

js-zipcode.py is a script that interacts with the jsreport module to tell you how many projects are listed near a specific zipcode. You can specify the zipcode and search radius, along with some technical details.


First, I highly recommend using a virtualenv.

The preferred method of installation is to use pip:

$ pip install jsreport

pip will install the jsreport package to the proper location and it will install the js-zipcode.py script to the proper bin location on your PATH.

pip will also install the selenium package, if it is not already installed.

The default web driver for Selenium is Firefox. If you want to use one of the other web drivers, you must install them to your system yourself. You may consider installing the chromedriver-installer package using pip. Information on the PhantomJS web driver can be found at http://phantomjs.org/.

Script Usage

This usage is available, as demonstrated below, from the command-line:

$ js-zipcode.py --help
usage: js-zipcode.py [-h] [-r {5,10,15,25,50,75}]
                   [-d {firefox,chrome,phantomjs}] [-o {human,csv,json}]

Retrieve the number of JustServe projects at a zipcode.

positional arguments:
  zipcode               The five digit zipcode at the center of the search

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r {5,10,15,25,50,75}, --radius {5,10,15,25,50,75}
                        The search radius, in miles. Defaults to 5.
  -d {firefox,chrome,phantomjs}, --driver {firefox,chrome,phantomjs}
                        The WebDriver to use. Defaults to firefox.
  -o {human,csv,json}, --output {human,csv,json}
                        The output format. Defaults to human-readable.


Example of running js-zipcode to pull data:

$ js-zipcode.py 20500
6 projects within a 5 mile radius of 20500
$ js-zipcode.py -r 10 20500
29 projects within a 10 mile radius of 20500
$ js-zipcode.py -r 15 20500
48 projects within a 15 mile radius of 20500
$ js-zipcode.py -r 25 20500
70 projects within a 25 mile radius of 20500
$ js-zipcode.py -r 50 20500
96 projects within a 50 mile radius of 20500
$ js-zipcode.py -r 75 20500
106 projects within a 75 mile radius of 20500

Other Notes/Disclaimers

  • This is a Python script, tested with version 2.7.11, but it should work with others
  • Please note: I do not provide technical support for environment setup; you are on your own for that.
  • I will respond to pull requests for bug fixes, though.