App for working with jupyter configuration files.

pip install jupyter-config==0.7.0


In order to use this

pip install jupyter_config

Which is then executed as

jupyter config search "your_search_term"

on the command line to search for "your_search_term".

If you pass

jupyter config list

it will return the total list of configuration files that it found relative to the directory that you are running the command from (not just the directories, which you can find using jupyter --paths beneath config:).

Developing on jupyter_config

If you want to work on this codebase we recommend that you first fork the repository on GitHub.

Then clone your repository locally.

cd into that directory and create a new remote called upstream that you will point at this repo.

git remote add upstream https://github.com/mpacer/jupyter_config

Then you can editably install this with development dependencies so that any changes you make to the codebase get propagated to the rest of the system. Assuming you are still in the root directory of this project, you can do this with:

pip install -e .[dev]

To speed up the iteration cycle on developing in the library, you can run our tests locally.

To do so run:

pytest --pyargs jupyter_config

Releasing jupyter_config

Before you release, you should make sure to run check-manifest to ensure your MANIFEST.in is up to date.

More detailed release instructions are en route per issue #1.