Utilities, syllabic timestamp

pip install jxtr==2.0.2



This module provides a way to encode an integer in syllables. That's a tool I use sometimes to timestamp files or generate a code. (I've used this as a my first git repo...)


This module "t" contains 1 single class Say. The prupose is to define and use a syllabic representation of positive integers A syllab is build with 1 consonant in lower case and 1 vowel in upper case.

A word is build with 2 syllabs. Words are separated by "-"

The alpĥabet has 6 vowels and 20 consonants, so a syllab can depict 120 numbers and a word of 2 syllabs can then depict 120*120 = 14_440 numbers.

The object can provide the code generated, a word swapped version of the code, the reverse code or with both transformations.

Example 1:

Integer 11_566 is encoded by the string "jIvU"
jIvU can be visually easier to read, say and remember
Can be use as a timestamp for file,
as a friendly depiction of a phone number or any other number

Example 2:

Unix epochs 1546850909 is encoded by the string "Me-GeBe-TiKa"
Reverse version is "aKiT-eBeG-eM"  
Swapped version is "Ka-TiBe-GeMe"  
Both transformations version is "eMeG-eBiT-aK"
This represents the date "Mon Jan  7 09:48:29 2019"

Code example :

### Timestamp ###
print("default value = now unix epochs seconds")
test = Say()
print("value      : " + str(test.value))
print("code       : " + test.code)
test.swap = False
print("swap       : " + test.code)
test.reverse = True
print("reversed   : " + test.code)
print("date       : " + test.to_datetime())

print("string code for int 165  : " + Say(165).code)
print("int value for code MaCa  : " +

print("value                          :", Say(1542661750).value)
print("value for swap Ka-QiMu-SeNo    :",
print("value for code NoSe-MuQi-Ka    :",
      Say(code="NoSe-MuQi-Ka", swap=False).value)
print("value for reverse aK-iQuM-eSoN :",
      Say(code="aK-iQuM-eSoN", swap=False, reverse=True).value)
print("value for both oNeS-uMiQ-aK    :",
      Say(code="oNeS-uMiQ-aK", swap=True, reverse=True).value)

Pronunciation rules:

    A: /a/, /ɑ/
    E: /ɛ/
    I: /i/
    O: /o/
    U: /y/, /ɥ/
    Y: /aj/
    b: /b/
    c: /ʃ/ (ch)
    d: /d/
    f: /f/
    g: /ɡ/
    h: .
    j: /ʒ/
    k: /k/
    l: /l/
    m: /m/
    n: /n/
    p: /p/
    q: /kw/
    r: /ʁ/
    s: /s/
    t: /t/
    v: /v/
    w: /w/
    x: /ɡz/, /ks/
    z: /z/