Karellen Gevent Websocket Library

gevent, websocket, websocket-library, websockets
pip install karellen-geventws==1.0.2


Karellen Gevent Websocket Library

This project is now suspended as the Jeffrey Gelens resumed maintenance of gevent-websocket.

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This is a Karellen fork of gevent-websocket. The goal of this fork is to maintain the project to support Python 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5+ as well as latest WS standards errata.

karellen-geventws is a WebSocket library for the gevent networking library.

Features include:

  • Integration on both socket level or using an abstract interface.
  • RPC and PubSub framework using WAMP (WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol).
  • Easily extendible using a simple WebSocket protocol plugin API
    from geventwebsocket import WebSocketServer, WebSocketApplication, Resource

    class EchoApplication(WebSocketApplication):
        def on_open(self):
            print("Connection opened")

        def on_message(self, message):

        def on_close(self, reason):

        ('', 8000),
        Resource({'/': EchoApplication})

or a low level implementation:

    from gevent import pywsgi
    from geventwebsocket.handler import WebSocketHandler

    def websocket_app(environ, start_response):
        if environ["PATH_INFO"] == '/echo':
            ws = environ["wsgi.websocket"]
            message = ws.receive()

    server = pywsgi.WSGIServer(("", 8000), websocket_app,

More examples can be found in the src/unittest/python directory. Hopefully more documentation will be available soon.


The easiest way to install karellen-geventws is directly from PyPi using pip or setuptools by running the commands below:

$ pip install karellen-geventws

Gunicorn Worker

Using Gunicorn it is even more easy to start a server. Only the websocket_app from the previous example is required to start the server. Start Gunicorn using the following command and worker class to enable WebSocket funtionality for the application.

gunicorn -k "geventwebsocket.gunicorn.workers.GeventWebSocketWorker" wsgi:websocket_app


karellen-geventws is pretty fast, but can be accelerated further by installing wsaccel and ujson or simplejson:

$ pip install wsaccel ujson

karellen-geventws automatically detects wsaccel and uses the Cython implementation for UTF8 validation and later also frame masking and demasking.

Get in touch

The fork parent is located at gevent-websocket.

Issues can be created on GitHub.