Synchronize remote files with local directory.

pip install kdr==0.9.91



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Synchronize remote files and directories across different devices with an easy-to-use CLI.

Getting Started

Install KoDrive

To set kodrive as a local command:

$ curl | python

Initialize the KoDrive Daemon

$ kodrive sys start

Receive Directories

  1. Provide the other person with your system key:
$ kodrive sys key 
  1. The person sharing their directory will then provide a directory key to link with:
$ kodrive link <DIRECTORY-KEY>

Note: linking will synchronize both directories; it is recommended for a receiver to link an empty directory.

Share Directories

  1. The other user needs to be authorized (via their system key) to receive the directory:
$ kodrive auth <SYSTEM-KEY> 
  1. Then obtain and provide the below directory key back to the other user:
$ kodrive dir key <PATH>


Figure 1. An illustration of the above process.

Figure 2. A video of the above process.

Stop Synchronization

Receive Directories

The receiver(s) can only kodrive dir free <PATH> since it is not their directory:

$ kodrive dir free <PATH>

Share Directories

The sharer can deauthorize access to certain users since they own the directory:

kodrive auth -R <RECEIVER-SYSTEM-KEY> --path <PATH> deauthorizes a certain receiver from a directory. (-R for --remove)

Furthermore, the sharer can completely remove the directory from the daemon which will deauthorize all devices from that directory:

$ kodrive dir free <PATH>


$ curl | sudo python
$ pip install --user virtualenv