Kill proccesses effectively and easily

pip install keel==0.1



keel is a program written in Python 3 and uses ncurses to display to the user a list of processes and their respective PIDs.

The user can easily kill the highlighted process by pressing the enter key.

This was spawned from a cyber defense hackathon in the University of Glasgow. My team had to defend our servers and we had one terminal window open to see all open connections and another one simply for killing. With this, we combined it into one window.

The program has/will have a way to switch the processes based on which user owns them and will show either connections (tcp, udp, etc) as well as regular system processes.


Check the requirements.txt

How to install

keel is available on PIP!

pip install keel

It is not yet available as an executable from the command line. Until then, you need to manually run the file with the parameters -u (username) and -m (mode). Running python3 -h will give you the help.


I welcome any and all contributions. Check out the issues tab to see bugs or enhancements that can be worked on.


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Please note

The program is not fully ready. At the moment, it is under development and not everything will work.