Index and search records using Algolia.

kinto, algolia, index
pip install kinto-algolia==1.1.0


Kinto Algolia

kinto-algolia forwards the records to Algolia and provides a /search endpoint to query the indexed data.


pip install kinto-algolia


In the Kinto settings:

kinto.includes = kinto_algolia
kinto.algolia.application_id = YourApplicationID
kinto.algolia.api_key = YourAPIKey

# List of buckets/collections to show:
kinto.algolia.resources = /buckets/chefclub-v2

By default, indices names are prefixed with kinto-. You change this with:

kinto.algolia.index_prefix = myprefix


Create a new record:

$ echo '{"data":
    {"id": "1008855320",
     "last_modified": 1523349594783,
     "title": "kinto",
     "description": "A database for the web",
     "_geoloc": {"lng": -73.778925, "lat": 40.639751}}' | \
    http POST http://localhost:8888/v1/buckets/example/collections/notes/records \
        --auth token:alice-token

It should now be possible to search for it using the Algolia API.

For example, using a quick querystring search:

$ http "http://localhost:8888/v1/buckets/example/collections/notes/search?query=kinto+database" \
    --auth token:alice-token

Or an advanced search using request body:

$ echo '{"insideBoundingBox": "46.650828100116044,7.123046875,45.17210966999772,1.009765625"}' | \
    http POST http://localhost:8888/v1/buckets/example/collections/notes/search \
        --auth token:alice-token
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Access-Control-Expose-Headers: Retry-After, Content-Length, Alert, Backoff
Content-Length: 333
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 12:02:05 GMT
Server: waitress

  "hits": [
       "_geoloc": {
           "lat": 40.639751,
           "lng": -73.778925
       "_highlightResult": {
           "title": {
               "matchLevel": "none",
               "matchedWords": [],
               "value": "Kinto"
       "last_modified": 1523349594783,
       "title": "Kinto",
       "description": "A database for the web",
       "objectID": "1008855320"
  "hitsPerPage": 1000,
  "nbHits": 1,
  "nbPages": 1,
  "page": 0,
  "params": "insideBoundingBox=42.124710287101955%2C9.335632324218752%2C41.47360232634395%2C14.403076171875002&hitsPerPage=10000&query=",
  "processingTimeMS": 2,
  "query": ""

Custom index settings

By default, Algolia infers the data types from the indexed records.

But it's possible to define the index mappings (ie. schema) from the collection metadata, in the algolia:settings property:

$ echo '{
  "attributesToIndex": ["title", "description"]
}' | http PATCH "http://localhost:8888/v1/buckets/blog/collections/builds" \
    --auth token:admin-token --verbose

Refer to Algolia official documentation for more information about settings.

Running the tests

$ make tests