Koheron Python Library

FPGA, Linux, Instrumentation, build, zynq
pip install koheron==0.22.0



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What is Koheron Software Development Kit ?

Koheron Software Development Kit is a tool to develop FPGA / Linux instruments for Zynq SoCs.

Getting started

  1. Install Vivado 2017.2

  2. Install required packages

    $ make setup
  3. Install Ubuntu 16.04 for Zynq (Download SD card image)

  4. Build and run the led-blinker instrument

    $ make CONFIG=examples/zedboard/led-blinker/config.yml HOST= run

Ready to develop your instrument? Read the documentation.

Koheron Alpha250 designs

  • fft : reference design with spectrum analyzer, DDS and demodulation.
  • loopback : minimal instrument.
  • adc-dac-bram : set DAC waveforms and get ADC using Block RAMs.
  • adc-dac-dma : set DAC waveforms and get ADC using DMA.

Red Pitaya designs

  • led-blinker : minimal instrument with LED control.
  • adc-dac : instrument with minimal read/write capability on Red Pitaya ADCs and DACs.
  • pulse-generator : pulse generation with synchronous acquisition.
  • laser-controller : laser current control using pulse-density modulation.
  • decimator : decimation using a compensated CIC filter.
  • oscillo : signal acquisition / generation with coherent averaging mode.
  • spectrum : spectrum analyzer with peak-detection and averaging.

Zedboard designs

  • led-blinker : minimal instrument with LED control.
  • picoblaze : 8 bit picoblaze microcontroller controllable from the PS.

How to

Build an instrument:

$ make CONFIG=path/to/config.yml

Build an instrument block design:

$ make CONFIG=path/to/config.yml block_design

More commands are listed in the documentation.


This project started as a fork of red-pitaya-notes.