Command line tool to help with media dumps

pip install kurator==0.4


Kurator CircleCI

Kurator is a project for helping you manage bulk importing media files from a phone, tablet, or any device that you can access via your PC via the shell or command line.

In this version, Kurator has 3 main functions; import_media, prune, and fix_names.


pip install kurator



Usage: kurator import_media [OPTIONS] SOURCE LIBRARY

Import media from a source folder to a library (any) folder. Files will be renamed using their exif metadata if available. Kurator will group media taken on the same day together, by creating folders for each unique date found in the imported photos.

Folder are created as an 8 digit date - 20171019 would be created for October 19, 2017 Media files are created with a 14 digit timestamp representing the date and time a photo was taken - 20140201-165116.jpg Would mean the photo was take on February 2, 2014 at 04:51:16 PM.


Usage: kurator prune [OPTIONS] TARGET

Removes duplicate files, comparing the files contents, not file names. Prune will compare each file to every other file in the TARGET recursively. If two or more file contents match, those duplicates are removed from the target.


Usage: kurator fix_names [OPTIONS] TARGET

Renames all media files in the TARGET directory according to the naming schema in import_media. Duplicate names will be preserved, with the duplicate having its name appended with _DUP_.

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