Adds a new float type with uncertainty

error-propagation, experimental-physics, ifsc, physics, python, uncertainties, uncertainty-calculations
pip install labfis==1.1.6



Small library (currently only one class) for uncertainty calculations and error propagation.

The uncertainty calculations are in accordance with gaussian’s propagation, as calculated by an analytical method:

Made by and for Physics Laboratory students in IFSC, who can't use because of mean’s absolute deviation used in its calculation.


Just import with from labfis import labfloat and create an labfloat object, as this exemple below:

>>> from labfis import labfloat
>>> a = labfloat(1,3)
>>> b = labfloat(2,4)
>>> a*b
(2 ± 7)

Check the Wiki for more details.


Intstall main releases with:

pip install labfis

Install development version with:

pip install git+


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