Python lattice binning package for large data

pip install latbin==0.1.3



This python package is used for binning onto lattices in multiple dimensions.

Why Use Lattices

For "regular" 2D histogramming you implicitly use a Z2 lattice! But the errors involved with quantizing to a Z2 lattices is larger than A2.

insert plot here showing proper comparison of Z2 and A2 give name of file which creates Z2-A2 comparison

Basic Example

This example shows how to take a normal data set and histogram the data onto an A2 (aka honeycomb) lattice using latbin.

import latbin
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pylab as plt

# create some fake data with shape (npts,ndim)
npts,ndim = 60000,2
scale = 4.0
data = pd.DataFrame(

# create an A2 lattice (honeycomb binning)
a2 = latbin.ALattice(2)

# bin the data onto the lattice
# the binned data is simply a pandas groupby object
binned_data = a2.bin(data)

#find the mean of the data in each bin
centers = binned_data.mean()

#find the number of data points in each bin
counts = binned_data.size()

# show the result
plt.title("Honeycomb binning (A2 Lattice)")
plt.scatter(centers["x1"],centers["x2"], c=counts, s=70)


In the terminal you can install this in the usual way.

python install