Forked from Andrew's masterpiece:, An AMS-LaTeX compatible converter that maps a subset of LaTeX to Markdown/MathJaX.

pip install latex2markdown-bbsmp==



An AMS-LaTeX compatible converter from (a subset of) LaTeX to MathJaX compatible Markdown.

Who should use this?

Anyone who writes LaTeX documents using the AMS-LaTeX packages (amsmath, amsthm, amssymb) and wants to convert these documents to Markdown format to use with MathJaX. These Markdown files can then be easily added to any web platform - Jekyll blogs, Wordpress, basic HTML sites, etc.

In short, if you seek to use MathJaX to view your LaTeX documents online, then you might be interested in this.


Forked from

Check out bbsmp/projects/LaTeX2Markdown for a live demonstration of the converter.

Getting Started


The project is available on PyPI, so getting it is as simple as using

pip install latex2markdown-bbsmp


easy_install latex2markdown-bbsmp


The utility can be called from the command line, or from within a Python script.

For the command line, the syntax to convert a LaTeX file to a Markdown file is as follows:

python -m latex2markdown-bbsmp path/to/latex/file path/to/output/markdown/file

For example, to compile a LaTeX file sample.tex into a Markdown file, call

python -m latex2markdown-bbsmp sample.tex