Build leanpub books locally. Watch files and build a new pdf each time they change.

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pip install leanpub==0.2.0


leanpub cli

Build leanpub books locally from the command line.

Note/Disclaimer: This is not an official Leanpub product, it simply uses pandoc to build a pdf from markdown in a similar way to Leanpub. Currently the output from leanpub is different in style (and this will probably always be the case), however I find that it massively speeds up the iteration process to be able to build a pdf which looks "similar enough" to Leanpub.

This implements a simple cli for building ebooks locally. Rather than having upload your new change-set to Dropbox and then trigger leanpub build on their site - do it all locally.


To build the Book (this requires a Book.txt):

$ leanpub book

To build the Sample (this requires a Sample.txt):

$ leanpub sample

To build both:

$ leanpub all

You can also "watch" for changes in any of the markdown files you are using to build the book i.e. when a markdown file is saved:

$ leanpub watch

You can get help via the command line with:

$ leanpub --help


Install via pip:

$ pip install leanpub

Note: if you don't have python installed I recommend miniconda; no-admin access required.

This requires that pandoc is installed, if it's not install it here.

Issues / troubleshooting / requests

Please post an issue on github.

Going forward

I would like to improve the output to better match leanpub. Any help it that direction (e.g. css, or prepending the title page) would be great!