A read-only FUSE-based filesystem allowing you to browse git repositories

git, fuse, filesystem, fs, read-only, readonly, legit, legitfs
pip install legitfs==0.4.0



legit is a FUSE-filesystem that mounts git repositories read only, allowing direct access to commits, tags and branches through the filesystem. This allows you to browse old versions from inside your favorite editor, provided it doesn't produce a mess by trying to read the whole tree...

legitfs is read-only and won't eat your data.

legitfs 0.3 is the last version written for Python 2. legitfs 0.4 and onwards are Python 3 only (they may run on 2.7, but are not tested on anything below 3.3).


legitfs is available from PyPi:

$ pip install legitfs

It uses fusepy_ which in turn means you need to have fuse development libraries and a C compiler installed. All other dependencies can work Python-only.

Example usage

Try this in an empty directory after installing legitfs:

$ git clone git://github.com/mbr/simplekv.git
$ git clone git://github.com/mitsuhiko/flask.git

Create a mountpoint and mount the current directory:

$ mkdir _history
$ legitfs _history

legitfs will run in the foreground (you can unmount with C-c), so we can continue in another terminal:

$ cd _history/
$ ls
flask  simplekv
$ ls flask/.git/
$ ls flask/.git/refs/heads/master
$ ls flask/.git/refs/heads/master/tree
artwork  CONTRIBUTING.rst  flask     MANIFEST.in  setup.cfg  tox.ini
AUTHORS  docs              LICENSE   README       setup.py
CHANGES  examples          Makefile  scripts      tests

legitfs tries to recreate the directory-structure and also handles nested repositories or those that are in subdirectories. Of course, you can also mount just one repository at the root.

Objects are exposed in the objects/ subdirectory, almost everything else is a symbolic link:

$ cd flask/.git
$ ls refs/tags
0.1  0.10  0.10.1  0.2  0.3  0.3.1  0.4  0.5  0.6  0.6.1  0.7  0.7.1  0.7.2
0.8  0.8.1  0.9
$ ls refs/tags/0.7/tree
$ head refs/tags/0.7/tree/README  -n 5

                      // Flask //

          web development, one drop at a time