leo.org command line tool

pip install leo-cli==0.3.7



leo-cli is a command line tool which can be used to translate words or phrases from several languages to german. It uses the open dictionary dict.leo.org. I wrote this because visiting their website, choosing the language, typing the word and clicking the submit button required several too many steps. I am a lazy person.


This tool requires beatiful soup, the wonderful requests library and the tabulate library.

Install leo-cli

pip install leo-cli


There has been a layout change on leo.org so you might have to pip install leo-cli --upgrade


leo -h
usage: leo [-h] [-l {en,pt,fr,de,es,ru}] [-i] [-p {all,n,v,adj}] [-d] [-v]
           words [words ...]
Retrieve word information via the Leo website
positional arguments:
  words                 the words to look up on the LEO website
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l {en,pt,fr,de,es,ru}, --lang {en,pt,fr,de,es,ru}
                        source language, 2 chars (e.g. 'en')
  -i, --inflect         print inflection tables for all homonyms
  -p {all,n,v,adj}, --pos {all,n,v,adj}
                        Part of speech of words to translate/inflect.
  -d, --define          print dictionary definitions. True by default if -i is
                        not specified.
  -v, --verbose         Print debug messages


leo example
leo another example
leo "hang out"
leo -l fr bonne gout
leo -l ru книга
leo -l pt ação
leo -i reden
leo ii -p n reden


  • print non-German plurals
  • allow specifying target and source languages separately
  • (maybe) don't print conjugation labels in translation header for conjugations
  • alternative conjugations with labels for usage (hängen)
  • label haupt/nebensätzlich sections for verbs