Linux Foundation DocsConf

pip install lfdocs-conf==0.9.0


LF Docs Config

The purpose of this project is to allow LF projects a centralized location for storing common project configuration.

To use this a project should create a conf.yaml file in the same directory as their conf.py. The minimal configuration for conf.py is:

from docs_conf import *

The minimal configuration for conf.yaml file is:


Docs will load default configuration for 'myproject' from this package if it exists, otherwise it will load basic configuration from Sphinx defaults.

Configuration precedence for configuration is as follows:

  1. project/conf.py
  2. project/conf.yaml
  3. docs_conf/defaults/{project_cfg}.yaml
  4. docs_conf/defaults/default.yaml
  5. docs_conf/__init__.py
conf.py structure and documentation:


  • [ ] Define the minimal set of config values to release initial version.

    These can probably come from ODL/OPNFV site conf.py files.

  • [ ] Use sane defaults, and don't error out if something is not set.

    We must import each config cleanly (if it doesn't exist, set None or something; like the function dict.get()).

  • [ ] Create own documentation for project detailing use of 'conf.cfg'

    file as some values will require subkeys given that they're dictionaries or expect a list of tuples.

  • [ ] Setup and document section. With the documentation organized by section,

    the config should also contain these section and look for their values under them.


    • general (aka sphinx)
    • project
    • i18n
    • html_output
    • apple_help
    • epub_output
    • latex_output
    • text_output
    • manpage_output
    • texinfo_output
    • linkcheck
    • xml
    • cplusplus
  • [ ] Configure pre-plugin sections, and reference by plugin listing.