Python bindings module for libfsntfs

pip install libfsntfs-python==20210503


libfsntfs is a library to access the Windows New Technology File System (NTFS) format.

Project information:

* Status: experimental
* Licence: LGPLv3+

Read-only supported NTFS formats:

* NTFS version 3.0
* NTFS version 3.1

Supported NTFS format features:

* LZNT1 compression
* Windows Overlay Filter (WOF) compressed data (LZX and LZXPRESS-Huffman)
* Case sensitive directories

Unsupported NTFS format features:

* NTFS version 1.0
* NTFS version 1.1
* NTFS version 1.2
* Encrypted File System (EFS)

For more information see:

* Project documentation:
* How to build from source: