Build System Toolkit

pip install libgiza==0.2.13


libgiza -- Build Automation Toolkit

libgiza is a Python package that provides a collection of base classes used in the construction of giza, which is a documentation build automation tool. libgiza provides several of functionality:

  1. Tools for defining and running build tasks in parallel builds. See for the primary interface, along with the components libgiza.task and libgiza.pool. Think of this as a worker pool on steroids.
  2. Tools for content generation. See libgiza.inheritance for these classes. This is the underlying toolkit for the defining feature of giza, which makes it possible to describe semi-structured content and generate content from base templates or using existing content as a basis for related content.
  3. A Python interface for common git operations. The GitRepo() class in libgiza.git wraps the git command internally, but provides methods for many common operations and more reasonable output/error handling
  4. A base class for defining classes for "configuration" data. See the ConfigurationBase and RecursiveConfigurationBase in libgiza.config. These provide support for serialization and de-serialization, easy ingestion from either files or dictionaries, and using default python @property defined getters and setters for more strict input validation and type checking.