A Libra client library

pip install librapy==0.0.1


Python Libra Client Library


This library implements the core client facilities for interacting with the Libra blockchain. The intent is to demonstrate Libra's APIs without either requiring reading extensive documentation or navigating Libra's Rust code base.

Components implements Libra Canonical Serialization


grpcio-tools for gRPC and Protocol Buffers

pynacl for cryptographic operations (Curve25519, Ed25519, Sha3)


This library includes both proto and mvir files for communicating with Libra validators and the Libra VM, respectively. These files are borrowed from the upstream Libra distribution and may be changed without warning. To enable easy transition to newer versions this library includes to scripts to retrieve the appropriate files and add them herein: compiles all the basic transaction Libra move scripts into Move IR so that they can aeqgransferred to the validators when executing a transaction. retrieves all the proto files for communicating to the Libra admission control node and converts it into Python proto and gRPC libraries.