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pip install linguist==0.1.1



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Language Savant, Python clone of github/linguist.



pip install linguist


easy_install linguist


Language detection

Linguist defines the list of all languages known in a yaml file. In order for a file to be highlighted, a language and lexer must be defined there.

Most languages are detected by their file extension. This is the fastest and most common situation.

For disambiguating between files with common extensions, we use a Bayesian classifier. For an example, this helps us tell the difference between .h files which could be either C, C++, or Obj-C.

For testing, there is a simple FileBlob API:

from linguist.libs.file_blob import FileBlob

FileBlob('') #=> 'Python'

FileBlob('test_file') #=> 'Python'

See linguist/libs/ and lib/linguist/languages.yml.

Syntax Highlighting

The actual syntax highlighting is handled by pygments. It also provides a Lexer abstraction that determines which highlighter should be used on a file.


The Language Graph you see on every repository is built by aggregating the languages of all repo's blobs.

The repository stats API can be used on a directory:

from linguist.libs.repository import Repository

project = Repository.from_directory(".") #=> 'Python'

project.languages #=> defaultdict(<type 'int'>, {<Language name:Python>: 53446, <Language name:JavaScript>: 1991})

for lang, count in projects.languages.iteritems():
    print, count
#=> Python, 53446
#=> JavaScript, 1991

These stats are also printed out by the binary. Try running pylinguist [dir_path|file_path]:

$ pylinguist ~/douban/proj/code/
60.8% JavaScript
39.1% Python
0.1% Shell

$ pylinguist static/js/lib/jquery.min.js
static/js/lib/jquery.min.js: 2 lines (2 sloc)
  type: Text
  language: JavaScript
  appears to be generated source code
  appears to be a vendored file

$ pylinguist 34 lines (23 sloc)
  type: Text
  language: Python

Ignore vendored files

Checking other code into your git repo is a common practice. But this often inflates your project's language stats and may even cause your project to be labeled as another language. We are able to identify some of these files and directories and exclude them.

from linguist.libs.file_blob import FileBlob

FileBlob('static/js/jquery-2.0.0.min.js').is_vendored #=> True

See BlobHelper#is_vendored and linguist/libs/vendor.yml.

Generated file detection

from linguist.libs.file_blob import FileBlob

FileBlob('jquery-2.0.0.min.js').is_generated #=> True
FileBlob('').is_generated #=> True

See Generated#is_generated.


* Fork the repository.
* Create a topic branch.
* Implement your feature or bug fix.
* Add, commit, and push your changes.
* Submit a pull request.


cd tests/


v0.1.0 [2013-11-19]

  • Better performance, create && require scanner
  • Sync the latest version of github/linguist
  • Using MIME Types, create && require mime
  • Compatible github custom lexers, create && require pygments-github-lexers

v0.0.3 [2013-05-20]

  • Bugfix: ignore dir if dir.startswith('.')

v0.0.2 [2013-04-25]

  • Added script pylinguist
  • Disable detech unknown ext file
  • Bugfix count blob sloc
  • Added some unittest

v0.0.1 [2013-04-22]

  • Release v0.0.1