IBM TNCO (ALM) command line tool

pip install lmctl==3.1.0


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You are currently viewing the latest development code and documentation. This may be unstable and contain features which may/may not be supported long term.

If you interested in the latest stable release please refer to: v2.6.3


💻 LMCTL is a command-line client that provides commands for interacting with IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager (TNCM) Orchestrator (TNCO/ALM) environments.

In addition it includes an opinionated pattern for managing xNF/Network Service designs during the CICD lifecycle, as file based projects, to produce packages suitable for production release.

Quick Install

Assumes you already have Python3.6+ and have decided if LMCTL should be installed in a virtual environment (recommended) or globallly.

🚀 Install the latest from Pypi:

python3 -m pip install lmctl

🎢 Want bleeding edge? Install from source code:

git clone
cd ./lmctl
python3 -m pip install .

Verify LMCTL is ready to use:

lmctl --version

Latest release

📰 See what's new in the latest release

User Guide

📓 To get started, read the User Guide

Development Docs

📋 For documentation related to developing LMCTL please see the development docs