Library wrapper for GroupMe API

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pip install lowerpines==0.6.0


LowerPines: GroupMe API Wrapper for Python

This library provides a Python wrapper around the GroupMe v3 API.


Use pip to install:

pip3 install lowerpines

Basic Usage

This requires a Access Token from the GroupMe developers site

The first step to doing anything with this library is to create a GMI object:

from lowerpines.gmi import get_gmi

gmi = get_gmi(access_token='access token here')

A GMI object stores a copy of the Access Token and serves as a context for various functions. The get_gmi(access_token) method will get a GMI from the cache or create one if necessary. GMI objects also provide common functions:

for group in gmi.groups:

for bot in gmi.bots:

for chat in gmi.chats:
    print(chat, chat.other_user)

test_group = gmi.groups.get(name='Testing Group')
test_bot = gmi.bots.get(group_id=test_group.group_id)'Hello, world!')

GroupMe supports complex message structures, such as including GroupMe-specific emoji, pictures, etc. This information can be utilized through ComplexMessage objects:

from lowerpines.message import ImageAttach

# This will dynamically create a ComplexMessage object:
complex_message = ImageAttach('URL to GroupMe processed image here') + 'Look at my cool picture'

The various MessageAttach objects (such as ImageAttach, EmojiAttach, etc.) will automatically convert themselves into a ComplexMessage object when added to a str or to another MessageAttach object. However, a MessageAttach object is not a ComplexMessage object, so the following is not allowed:'URL here'))  # This will trigger an exception

The correct way to do this is to create a ComplexMessage object manually:

from lowerpines.message import ComplexMessage

complex_message = ComplexMessage(ImageAttach('URL here'))

Viewing messages for groups is also available:

for message in test_group.messages.recent():

Each message's text is also available as a ComplexMessage object through message.complex_text

Please see the docs directory for more information.