Control MagicHome Wifi products.

pip install magichomewifi==1.0.0


MagicHome-Python API

MagicHome Wifi protocol for Python.

This utility was designed for use with devices compatible with the MagicHome Wifi app.

It currently supports:

  • Bulbs (Firmware v.4 and greater)
  • Legacy Bulbs (Firmware v.3 and lower)
  • RGB Controllers
  • RGB+WW Controllers
  • RGB+WW+CW Controllers
  • Turning devices on and off
  • Getting current device states
  • Setting either colors, or whites (in bulbs)
  • Setting colors (+ WW + CW) in compatible devices
  • Sending preset functions
  • Initial device setup via UDP.
  • Custom commands (I know how it works ... just not a priority to implement currently.)
  • Setting the device's internal clock.

Device types are:

  • 0: RGB
  • 1: RGB+WW
  • 2: RGB+WW+CW
  • 3: Bulb (v.4+)
  • 4: Bulb (v.3-) (Higher numbers reserved for future use)

Functions accept integers 0-255 as parameters.

To create a new instance of the API, use the following terminology:

controller1 = MagicHomeApi('IP Address', [Device Type (from above)])

And then call its functions in the following manner:

Get the status of a device:


To turn a device on:


And similarly, to turn it off:


To update a colored device, send R, G, and B to it.

controller1.update_device(R, G, B)

And if that device supports WW/CW (or both):

controller1.update_device(R, G, B, WW, CW)

BUT, if you want to update a bulb's white level, send R,G,B AND W... only W's level will be used.

controller1.update_device(R, G, B, W)

To Update a Bulb's color, you don't need to send the W parameter. Finally, to send a preset command:

controller1.send_preset_function(25, 100)

Presets can range from 0x25 (int 37) to 0x38 (int 56), anything outside of this will be rounded up or down.

A speed of 10 0% is fastest, and 0 % is super duper slow.

Copyright 2016 Adam Kempenich. Licensed under MIT.

Questions? Comments? Feedback of any kind? Find me on Github, @AdamKempenich