Python wrapper for MakeMKV

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pip install makemkv==0.1.4



python-makemkv is a simple python wrapper for MakeMKV (written by GuinpinSoft inc.). While it can be imported as a module, it also offers a command-line interface that tries to be more intuitive than makemkvcon.


python-makemkv requires Python 3.9 or later.

Additionally, a copy of MakeMKV is required, which can be downloaded from their website. You also need to ensure that makemkvcon can be run from the terminal, e. g. by adding its location to your PATH environment variable.


python-makemkv can be installed using pip.

pip install makemkv


See full documentation on Read the Docs.

Python module

To get information about discs, you need to instantiate a makemkv.MakeMKV object which provides its method.

from makemkv import MakeMKV

makemkv = MakeMKV('/dev/sr0')
disc_info =

To create a mkv file from the first title of the first disc you can use makemkv.MakeMKV.mkv(). Since this will take some time you can define a function that analyzes the program's progress or you can use the makemkv.ProgressParser class to show pretty progress bars.

from makemkv import MakeMKV, ProgressParser

with ProgressParser() as progress:
    makemkv = MakeMKV(0, progress_handler=progress.parse_progress)
    makemkv.mkv(0, '~/Videos/Really Cool Movie (2021)')

Command-line interface

Usage: pymakemkv [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -n, --disc-nr NR      Specify disc number. Alternatively you can specify an
                        input with -i/--input. Defaults to 0.

  -i, --input PATH      Specify input, can be either a device, a .IFO file or
                        a VIDEO_TS folder.

  -o, --output DIR      Specify output directory for created mkv files.
                        Defaults to current directory.

  -t, --title NR        Select title to be ripped, can be either an integer
                        starting with 0 or the keyword "all". Defaults to 0.

  -d, --decrypt         Decrypt stream files during backup.
  -l, --minlength SECS  Specify minimum title length in seconds.
  -c, --cache MB        Specify size of read cache in megabytes.
  -f, --info-file FILE  Write disc info to file.
  -j, --json            show disc info in JSON format.
  -v, --verbose         Show more detailed logs.
  -q, --quiet           Don't show logs.
  --no-bar              Don't show progress bars.
  --no-info             Dont' show disc info.
  --help                Show this message and exit.

  backup  Backup whole disc.
  f       Run universal firmware tool.
  info    Display information about a disc.
  mkv     Copy titles from disc.