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pip install mal-scraper==0.3.0



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MyAnimeList Web Scraper (mal-scraper) is a Python library for gathering a basic set of data about anime.

It can gather information about users from MAL including what anime they have watched and their ratings. It can discover users on MAL, and retrieve some very basic information about each anime. This information can be used to analyse data.

Installation & Usage

pip install mal-scraper

Please use the online documentation for to get started.

The library follows Semantic Versioning.


Please see the Contributing documentation page for full details, and especially look at the tips section.

After cloning, and creating a virtualenv, install the development dependencies:

pip install -e .[develop]

To run the all tests, skipping the python interpreters you don't have:

tox --skip-missing-interpreters

Project Notes:

  • Tests will always mock requests to the internet. You can set the environment variable LIVE_RESPONSES=1 to properly test web scraping.
  • You can look at coverage results inside htmlcov/index.html.

Note, to combine the coverage data from all the tox environments run:

set PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append
PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append tox