"Matteo's library and tools in Python for NuSTAR timing"

pip install maltpynt==2.0.1


MaLTPyNT - Matteo's Libraries and Tools in Python for NuSTAR Timing.

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This software is designed to do correctly and fairly easily a quick-look timing analysis of NuSTAR data, treating properly orbital gaps and exploiting the presence of two independent detectors by using the cospectrum as a proxy for the power density spectrum (for an explanation of why this is important, look at Bachetti et al., ApJ, 800, 109 -arXiv:1409.3248). The output of the analysis is a cospectrum, or a power density spectrum, that can be fitted with Xspec or Isis. Also, one can calculate in the same easy way time lags (still under testing, help is welcome). Despite its main focus on NuSTAR, the software can be used to make standard aperiodic timing analysis on X-ray data from, in principle, any other satellite (for sure XMM-Newton and RXTE).

The documentation can be found here.

A tutorial is also available here