Structured documentation generator for markdown

pip install markment==0.2.21


Supercharge your project's documentation

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Markment reads a or README.markdown finds any references to other .md or .markdown files and generates documentation for them.

Markment is mostly compatible with github-flavored markdown

Crash course in 3 simple steps

1. Install markment

pip install markment

2. Go to a project that has one or more markdown files

cd myproject

3. Run markment!

markment --output=./_generated-spec/



  • Finds markdown files recursively in the given directory tree and generates documentation for them.

  • Support to metadata related to your project. (You can set project title, description, github url, download url and the themes might make use of it)

  • Currently has 1 builtin theme slate from github, but I had forked and am already working on migrating some github-pages themes to Goals.

  • You can write your own theme and use it right away through the simple theme development api.

  • Seriously, creating new themes is a breeze.

  • Builtin flask server so you can develop your themes preview the documentation before generating all of it.


These are some goals I want to achieve with markment for the next releases.

  • Full-text search API + template.

  • API documentation generation for python files (Similar to doxygen). I personally love markdown so much that I actually like to use as my documentation language inside of python docstrings.


Markment was initially created to empower the documentation pages at, but only the programatic api was being used.

Until one day at Yipit I had to do a retrospective item to improve our documentation. So I went ahead and turned markment into a full documentation generator.

We have internally a lot of documentation, but it just wasn't exposed appropriately. Markment can now

You can see it livehere