Marvel API wrapper for python.

pip install marvelous==1.4.3


marvelous - Marvel API wrapper for python 3

To install:

pip install marvelous

Example Usage:

import marvelous

# Your own config file to keep your private key local and secret
from config import public_key, private_key

# Authenticate with Marvel, with keys I got from
m = marvelous.api(public_key, private_key)

# Get all comics from this week, sorted alphabetically by title
pulls = sorted(m.comics({
    'format': "comic",
    'formatType': "comic",
    'noVariants': True,
    'dateDescriptor': "thisWeek",
    'limit': 100}),
    key=lambda comic: comic.title)

for comic in pulls:
    # Write a line to the file with the name of the issue, and the
    # id of the series
    print('{} (series #{})'.format(comic.title,

Output available in full documentation


  • To run the test suite, run python -m nose in this folder
  • When running a new test for the first time, set the environment variables PUBLIC_KEY and PRIVATE_KEY to any Marel API keys. The result will be stored in the tests/testing_mock.sqlite database without your keys.

To release:

  • Update version number
  • Create tag on Github
  • Wait for Travis to publish