Python module for running tasks within a limited amount of threads

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pip install maxthreads==1.0.1



Python module for limiting the number of active threads


pip install maxthreads

How to use

#!/bin/env python3
import maxthreads

# Lets say you have a function "fun" you want to run within several threads at the same time.

from time import sleep
from threading import active_count
from random import random
def fun():
    print('Active threads: ', active_count())

# The following initiates a MaxThreads object with the limit set to 3
thread_limiter = maxthreads.MaxThreads(3)

# The following starts 10 threads each running the fun function.
for i in range(10):

As can be seen by the output the maximum number of threads will be 4 (The mainthread and the 3 allowed by MaxThreads

Active threads:  2
Active threads:  3
Active threads:  4
Active threads:  4
Active threads:  4
Active threads:  4
Active threads:  4
Active threads:  4
Active threads:  4
Active threads:  4


Variables of the MaxThreads.start_thread function

Variable Description Default
target The target function No default value
args The arguments to be used when calling target ()
kwargs The keyword arguments to be used when calling target {}
priority Sets priority where the highest prio is the lowest number 0


In order to be able to use the priority variable in MaxThreads.start_thread you must set prio_queue=True when initiating the MaxThreads object. The example above would then contruct the MaxThreads object like:

thread_limiter = maxthreads.MaxThreads(3, prio_queue=True)