MD to HTML converter

pip install md2html==1.3.0


Markdown to HTML Converter

This is a converter from Markdown to HTML with advanced support for Markdown tables and GFM syntax highlighting. This package relies on markdown2 for converting basic Markdown to HTML and pygments to support code to HTML conversion for syntax highlighting. The default (and, currently, only) theme for this package is Monokai.

You can find a sample of a site generated from this package at


The converter is installed using pip:

pip install md2html


This package an executable that can be run from the command line:

md2html ...

Here is the help entry for this package:

usage: md2html [-h] [-s SITE] [-n NAV] ...

convert Markdown to HTML

positional arguments:
  files                 files to be converted to HTML

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SITE, --site-info SITE
                        add metadata to the HTML files
  -n NAV, --nav NAV     add a YAML file to use for navigation menu

Running the converter will place HTML files in the same directory as your Markdown files, with the .md extension replaced with .html. The HTML files come with CSS in a style tag in the head.

Page Metadata

If you would like to add metadata to your page, including a navigation menu, do so by creating a YAML file containing this metadata and passing the file path to the -s flag, e.g.

md2html -s meta.yml ...

The structure of your YAML file should be:

title: page title
author: page author
description: page description
  nav_title: navigation menu title
    - title: link name
      url: HTML file path
    - title: ...
      url: ...

Currently, the title must be set if you use this option. The converter does not yet support navigation submenus, so all links will be rendered as

Navigation Menu

The converter also supports adding only a navigation menu without page metadata. To do this, pass a YAML file to the -n flag. It should have the following structure:

nav_title: navigation menu title
  - title: link name
    url: HTML file path
  - title: ...
    url: ...



  • Added YAML syntax highlighting


  • Added docstrings for documentation
  • Moved some utils out of md2html/


  • Changed to Boostrap CSS


  • Initial release