Simple way to read folders of markdown files on the browser

pip install mdvis==0.2.0



A quick and dirty way to visualize folders containing lot of markdown files.

Often I need to check lots of markdown documents stored, for example, in git repositories. Opening and reading those files in a text editor, while an easy task, is not a pleasant reading experience. Navigating through the files on Github can be a pain.

I sketched this little program, so you can quickly go through all the .md files contained in a folder (and its sub-folders) in the browser as if you were seeing them on Github (even off-line).


This package is destined only to python 3 users.

If you use pip just run the following command:

$ pip install mdvis

on many operating systems python 3 is not the default version in this case the command should be:

pip3 install mdvis

Without resorting to pip to install you will need to clone the repository and run:

$ python install

Note: On some systems you might need to use sudo


Go to a given folder and type on the terminal:

$ mdvis

This should launch a new tab in your browser


If this program is useful to you, you can help make it better. Open any issues you find or if you could provide fixes and new features creating new pull requests.

The design also needs improvements so new css and html changes are welcome.


The current css used on the generated pages was taken from the following project:

All the credits should go its contributors