a mechanical engineering toolbox

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pip install mechpy==0.1


mechpy - a mechanical engineer's python toolbox

Tutorials - see the nbviewer for mechpy

Mechpy was created for two reasons.

  • To provide the practicing engineer with applications to quickly replicate and solve real-world systems common in mechanical engineering
  • To give the engineering student a code baes from which to suppliment learning through hand-calculations and an easy way to check work.

There are many different tools available to engineers. Hand-calcsulations, spreadsheets, and code are all great ways to perform calculations or visualize data or concepts. MATLAB is the defacto tool to solve many engineering calulations, but is just too expensive to be a practical tool. Octave, Scilab, or Freelab are great alternatives, but is limited in scope to calculation. I began using python for calculations and visualzations and have found it to be a very powerful tool with many existing modules for mathematics and plotting, in addition to the thousands of other libraries for general computing.

Check out the dependencies of mechpy for specific examples and documentation

  • Scipy
    • numpy
    • sympy
    • matplotlib
    • pandas
  • pyndamics

Other neat engineering python modules


  • Add OOP model to generate Free Body Diagrams
  • add shear-bending diagrams

Link Dump

Akron composite fortran code

units in python