Mercadopago SDK module for Payments integration

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pip install mercadopago==2.1.0


Mercado Pago SDK for Python

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This library provides developers with a simple set of bindings to help you integrate Mercado Pago API to a website and start receiving payments.

💡 Requirements

Python 3 or higher.

📲 Installation

Run pip3 install mercadopago

🌟 Getting Started

First time using Mercado Pago? Create your Mercado Pago account.

Copy your Access Token in the credentials panel and replace the text YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with it.

Simple usage

import mercadopago

sdk = mercadopago.SDK("YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN")

payment_data = {
    "transaction_amount": 100,
    "token": "CARD_TOKEN",
    "description": "Payment description",
    "payment_method_id": 'visa',
    "installments": 1,
    "payer": {
        "email": ''
result = sdk.payment().create(payment_data)
payment = result["response"]


Per-request configuration

All methods that make API calls accept an optional RequestOptions object. This can be used to configure some special options of the request, such as changing credentials or custom headers.

import mercadopago
from mercadopago.config import RequestOptions

request_options = RequestOptions(access_token='YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN')
# ...

result = sdk.payment().create(payment_data, request_options)
payment = result["response"]

📚 Documentation

Visit our Dev Site for further information regarding:

Check our official code reference to explore all available functionalities.

🤝 Contributing

All contributions are welcome, ranging from people wanting to triage issues, others wanting to write documentation, to people wanting to contribute code.

Please read and follow our contribution guidelines. Contributions not following this guidelines will be disregarded. The guidelines are in place to make all of our lives easier and make contribution a consistent process for everyone.

❤️ Support

If you require technical support, please contact our support team at

🏻 License

MIT license. Copyright (c) 2021 - Mercado Pago / Mercado Libre
For more information, see the LICENSE file.