mercari api-like wrapper

pip install mercari==1.0.2


Mercari Wrapper

A simple api wrapper around the Mercari jp site.

Simple usage can be something like

import mercari

for item in"東方 ふもふも"):
    print("{}, {}".format(, item.productURL))

the item object contains the following properties:

  • id
  • productURL
  • imageURL
  • productName
  • price
  • status
  • soldOut

Google Proxy

By default, the wrapper will try to use a google proxy to hide traffic. This is a bit finicky and I think google has wised up recently. To disable it and have your requests by direct to mercari, use it in the following way

This is false now, and the google proxyy is removed. Because of how the api endpoint works, this had to be removed.

I've left this part in here to not gaslight any one that it never existed.

import mercari

for item in"東方 ふもふも", use_google_proxy=False):
    print("{}, {}".format(item.productName, item.productURL))

The wrapper will throw on any 4xx or 5xx http status code.

Main reason I've seen errors is because mercari decides to throw 403 if they blacklist your IP. I've tried to get around this with the google proxy, but it seems like google themselves are blocking either the IP or the mercari domain.


Clone this repo, install the dependencies in requirement.txt and off you go.

Deploying / Publishing

  • python sdist

  • twine upload dist/mercari-<version>.tar.gz