tools for dealing with measured quantities: uncertainty propagation and unit conversion

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pip install metrolopy==0.5.5



tools for dealing with physical quantities: uncertainty propagation and unit conversion

MetroloPy is a pure python package and requires Python 3 and the SciPy stack (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and IPython). It looks best in a Jupyter Notebook.

Install MetroloPy with pip:

$ pip install metrolopy

Physical quantities can then be represented in Python as gummy objects with an uncertainty and (or) a unit:

>>> import metrolopy as uc
>>> a = uc.gummy(1.2345,u=0.0234,unit='cm')
>>> a
1.234(23) cm

>>> b = uc.gummy(3.034,u=0.174,unit='mm')
>>> f = uc.gummy(uc.UniformDist(center=0.9345,half_width=0.096),unit='N')
>>> p = f/(a*b)
>>> p
2.50(21) N/cm2

>>> p.unit = 'kPa'
>>> p.uunit = '%'
>>> p
25.0 kPa ± 8.5%

MetroloPy can do much more including Monte-Carlo uncertainty propagation, generating uncertainty budget tables, and curve fitting. It can also handle expanded uncertainties, degrees of freedom, correlated quantities, and complex valued quantities. See: