Generate a sympy matrix fast

pip install mgenerator==0.1.2



PyPI version

This is a python program that helps you to make a sympy matrix easily. This module uses sympy, python library for simbolic mathmatics.

By using this generator, you can create a new sympy matrix with only entering the dimension size and elements.


The following dependencies are required


 $ pip install mgenerator


    from mgenerator import *
    foo = new() # makes new sympy Matrix object. You will enter elements
    foo = new(1,2) # makes new sympy Matrix with 1 raw and 2 column
    ef(foo) # makes foo as Echelon form
    rf(foo) # makes foo as Reduced Echelon form
    num = 3
    ran(num) #finds image num elements vector range
    #used in finding eigenvalues
    char(foo, 3) #makes characteristic polynomial equation, and finds soluton with 3*3 matrix
    orthon(foo) #makes orthogonal basis matrix
    vec(2,1) #makes the vector (2,1)


  1. new( ):
  • When you make a mistake, just enter 'Enter'. It will make new matrix
  • You can use any type of componenent(int,float,string), even a fraction like 1/2
  1. ran( ):
  • First you have to find echelon form of linear combination's agmented coefficient matrix
  • Put coefficients of the range. Ex) If the range is ax-by-cz = 0 -> enter a,-b,-c
  1. char( ):
  • Put a Matrix and number of the matrix dimension ( if 2 by 2 matrix, enter 2 )